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Our objective is to build long-term value for our investors by making controlling investments in companies and by making direct acquisitions in opportunities requiring a source of patient capital and assistance needed to reach operational and strategic goals. Our philosophy is to work closely as managers to achieve these goals and to realize both short- and long-term capital appreciation objectives. As investment advisors, The Chicago Capital Management Group currently has assignments to advise, consult and fund combined equity and debt placements exceeding $900 million globally.

The principals of The Chicago Capital Management Group have each been engaged in the acquisition, development, ownership, management, financing and disposition of income-producing investments for more than 20 years. Throughout their respective careers, they have profitably managed singular portfolios exceeding $350 million in value, with annual revenues of more than $50 million, in 13 states. Their focus and level of expertise has been in enhancing the value of underperforming companies and real estate projects.

The Chicago Capital Management Group is a unique assemblage of experienced business and investment professionals. The group has focused its efforts on the maximization of investment returns for its own account and for high-net-worth individual client accounts by developing and implementing time-tested investment management strategies to managed-risk investment programs. The Chicago Capital Management Group has formed its investment partnerships to allow investors to diversify their portfolios within a framework of professionally managed investments.

Beginning with limited amounts of capital, Chicago Capital Management’s orientation was entrepreneurial and opportunistic. Capital resources were generated through private investors with compensation coming principally from performance incentives in the investments as opposed to front-end fees. Their success in selectively identifying and acting on opportunities created a multimillion dollar controlled portfolio that has achieved a premier level of performance.

Today, The Chicago Capital Management Group believes that the investment cycle is continuing its reversal and that an abundant supply of opportunities exist. The focus will be to place capital in domestic and international opportunities too small to attract the interest of institutional investors and concomitantly requiring a level of capital investment and management expertise beyond the scope of many regional firms. In terms of its marketplace exposure and because of its prior record, The Chicago Capital Management Group is frequently presented with transactions that not only require capital and sophisticated financing but also intensive management.